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Welcome to USMLE-Simple Inc. Below, you will find our current most up-to-date high yield courses in preparation for the USMLE Step 1 Exam. Please register for a free account in order to access our "Free" sample lectures as well as to purchase more video.

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1. Bio-statistics and Behavioral Science $15.00

1.1 Epidemiology and Risk Free

Welcome to our Bio-statistics course. This is a very high yield topic that many students often overlook, mainly because they are not taught this in their medical school. We will start with Epidemiology. Here we will discuss the fundamentals including the difference between incidence and prevalence and how to calculate each. In addition a very high yield topic, which frequently appears on the USMLE Exam, Risk, will also be discussed. You will learn how to calculate different types of risks. Free

1.2 Research Studies $5.00

Once you learn about incidence and prevalence, we will talk about the different types of research studies that are currently used. In addition, the various phases of clinical trials (phase I, II, III, and IV), bias, and medicare vs. medicaid will also be discussed. This is another very important lecture. $5.00

1.3 Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests $5.00

This lecture is one of the most high yield lectures. Here we talk about sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, and negative predictive. Students often have difficulty in understanding and calculating these values, however, we make this very easy to understand. We will finish the lecture with a discussion on precision and accuracy. $5.00

1.4 Statistical Analysis $5.00

We will end the Bio-statistics portion of this course by discussing statistical distribution, hypotheses testing, error types, statistical power, meta-analyses, confidence interval, t-test, ANOVA, Chi square, and correlation coefficient. You will encounter many of these topics on your step 1 exam and therefore very important that you understand them. $5.00

1.5 Legal and Ethical Issues in Medicine $4.00

In this lecture, we discuss the doctor-patient relationship, the 4 core ethical principles (Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence, and Justice), Informed Consent, Advanced Directives, and Confidentiality. We end the lecture with 10 high yield ethical scenarios that the USMLE Step 1 exam loves to ask questions on. $4.00

1.6 Behavior Science $3.00

In this lecture we discuss developmental milestones, physiological changes in the elderly, grief, sexual dysfunction, stress effects, sleep, and sleep disorders. $3.00
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