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These biostats videos are the best!!

Christina | 248

Microbiology was a nightmare to learn for me. However, after I discovered USMLE-Simple, microbiology became one of my strongest areas. I am truly convinced that this is the strongest review product for microbiology that is available in the market.

Sarah | 254

Being an IMG, Bio-Statistics was one of my weakest subjects. These videos are truly amazing and recommend for any IMG that will be taking the Step 1 exam.

Subhash | 255

I was truly having difficulty with Microbiology and Biostatistics. My practice exam scores went up by 25 points after viewing these videos!

Rachel | 237

Learning microbiology has never been so simple. The instructors use a variety of mnemonics that make learning microbiology very easy. This was by far the best microbiology resource that I used. All my friends at my school love the videos!

Jessica | 245

USMLE-Simple is an incredible resource for the Step 1 exam and also preparing for microbiology exams in medical school. These lectures covered all the high yield topics that were tested on my exam. The instructors taught in a way that truly developed my understanding. Truly recommend for anyone who will be taking this exam!

John | 259

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